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    The Dark Horse 599 Gto [1920x1200]

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    Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest - 2014

    Now in its fifth year, ARCHITECTURAL RECORD's Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest demonstrates there is still a passion for drawing within the architecture profession. ARCHITECTURAL RECORD received submissions that represent a wide range of architectural experience and background, from college students to long-practicing professionals. The nine winners, including a firm, were selected after a thorough evaluation process.

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    Classic Chinese Ancient Buildings Cutaways Li Ganlang [via]

    "Li Ganlang 2005 onwards started drawing, anatomical drawings to show the Chinese construction Shi Jingdian construction law, showing Chinese cultural characteristics of various buildings, covered wood constitutive temples, pavilions, towers, gates, caves, bridges, houses and so on five Shiyu Zuo building. By Yuan-Liou Publishing Company."

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    When people I know follow me on tumblr

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    kamakura / yohey23 / flickr

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